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student: chase*

Chase began attending Neighbors’ House programs when he was entering middle school. At this time, he was experiencing many changes -- at school, with his family, and in other areas of life. To Chase, Neighbors’ House was “an anchor”. He described our programs as being a place where he could feel at home and connect with adult volunteers who he felt were truly invested in his life. Looking back, it is these role models that were especially meaningful to him during his time at Neighbors’ House. In fact, Chase still makes an effort to meet up with two of these mentors when he is able to! Their volunteer/student relationship has developed into true friendship and mentorship, spanning the years as Chase went through high school, college, and is now pursuing a doctorate degree. Chase credits Neighbors’ House and the volunteers for helping motivate him to excel academically and to develop an appreciation for learning. Ultimately, Chase says it was really the relationships that were the most impactful for him. “I am blessed and grateful to have these mentors in my life today.”   

*student names changed to protect identity

volunteer: greg

“I met Chase at Neighbor's House when he was in middle school.  After helping him with some math homework, we developed a pretty neat friendship that has lasted about 10 years.  We've played music together, played tennis together, and have had many meaningful conversations about life and God.  I've been super blessed by my friendship with Chase and am thankful for how Neighbor's House has a focus on building relationships.  It truly provides fertile soil for not only academic success, but also for emotional, social, and spiritual flourishing.”  

Greg and his children sharing their time and talent with our Spring Break Music Vacation in 2019.

Greg and his children sharing their time and talent with our Spring Break Music Vacation in 2019.


volunteer: jen

“My daughter and I assisted with a spring break program focused on music. I was so impressed by how professional and fun the program was, and by how caring the adults were. And I absolutely LOVED meeting the kids and learning from them too! What a blessing Neighbor's House is to our community!”